Estrella, W650 and Zephyr


250 Estrella RS & Custom, Model name: BJ250C10, BJ250D9

    -Custom- -RS-  

The Estrella, a classic looking bike. It looks like an old English  bike. But the technique are all modern, no oil leaks and starts every day. It have been around sins 1992 with only small changes during the years. For 2004 the modifications are new colours. There are two versions, the RS a little more modern looking bike with disc brakes and a one part saddle. The Classic have dual seats and drum brakes all around.


Both share the same engine, air cooled SOHC 4 stroke one cylinder engine. Together with the W650 and Vulcan Drifter they are Kawasaki's contribute to the classic bikes made in England and in the USA long time ago.

In 2003 Kawasaki introduced a special version of the Estrella RS called Chrome. Its a limitation version witch will be produced for a period of time. You can still get it in 2004. The difference are chrome on the fuel tank,  side cover and headlight case. The colour are polar white and you eve get a two-tone seat.


W650,  Model name: EJ650C6, EJ650A6, EJ650D2 (Chrome), EJ650E2 (Chrome)


The W650 a copy of the Kawasaki W1& W2 from the late 60s, witch again was a copy of an even older English BSA. There are (at least in Japan) two versions one with raised handlebars and one with low handlebars.   For 2004 the wheelbase have been increase  from 1460 mm to 1465 mm. (According to some sources) The engine output have been decreased from 50 hp to 48 hp and the torque are down from 56 Nm to 54 Nm both at some lower engine rpm. The secondary gearing is changed from 2.533(38/15) to 2.466(37/15).

The W650 are a nice retro bike with the looks of an old bike but with the advantage of a modern bike. And there are not many road bikes you still can kick start in 2004. (There is an electric starter as well)

For 2003 there were an limited version called Chrome, you can still get it in 2004. (Picture below) Like the 250 Estrella Chrome version the fuel tank, headlight cover and the rear shocks are chromed. The rims are black and the seat are two-tone.

  EJ650A6 Candy Lightning Blue/ Pearl Glacial Blue  
  Metallic Majestic Red/ Metallic Graystone EJ650C6  
  Left: PDF file of the W650 with low handlebars. Right: Limited Version Chrome.  
  ZEPHYR 1100 and 1100RS, Model name:  ZR1100-A9 ZR1100B? (RS)

ZEPHYR 750 and 750RS, Model name: ZR750-C10

  Like the Estrella 250 and the W650 witch reminds you about bikes from the 60s the Zephyr take you back to the 70s. The Zephyr looks just like the classic (KZ)  Z1000/900/650 from the early 70s especially the RS version of the Zephyr. In engine performance they are almost identical with their older brothers with a little advantage to the younger ones. When it comes to road handling they are light years better with modern frames, suspension and brakes. There are two versions of the 1100 and the 750. One with spoke wheels the RS and one without. And 2004 is the last year you will be able to get the RS version with its really good looking spoke wheels, Kawasaki have ended production of it :(  

Zephyr 1100 and 1100RS (Picture at right)

Zephyr 750 and 750RS (Picture at right)


Built to satisfy the US markets demand of cubic inches. The Zephyr 1100 was first introduces in 1992 and are still here 12 years later! Its built around a big and classic 1062 ccm3 air-cooled four with 2 valves each cylinder witch are Kawasaki's biggest air-cooled engine till this day. It may look old but the engine have modern features like two sparkplugs each cylinder, K-TRIC, gear driven balancer and a catalyst converter. You could only dream of brakes like the the ones one the 1100 on your old Z900/1000. The frame are a traditional tubular steel frame, but with a modern box-section extruded swingarm and big 43mm fork holding the 17 inch wheels. A good-looking modern classic.

For 2004 there are only minor updates, the colour scheme are new with new colures and also black wheels and engine. Unlike earlier years there now stands ZEPHYR 1100 on the side cover (Japanese version had until 2003 the name Zephyr on the petrol tank) A few parts like the oil cooler have got silver paint.

First introduced in 1991, the 750 use an older engine design than the other two Zephyrs, its built upon the Z750 (KZ750) engine from the early 80s. Anyway Kawasaki have put some modern equipment to it like: digital ignition, KLEEN  (Kawasaki Low Exhaust Emission system) , catalyst converter,  17 inches wheels, modern brakes etc. In pure looks the 750 is the most classic. The chassis are built like the one for the 1100, tubular steel frame with aluminium swingarm.

If you choose the 1100, 750 or 400 you will get an classic good looking bike with modern equipment and road holding for an affordable price

For 2004 there are only minor updates. There are new colours (except the RS version witch is the same as in 2003, the last RS was made during the summer of 2003 but was still available for 2004) and graphics like the ones for the 1100.


Zephyr 400 ZR400X


The ZR400X or Zephyr 400 have been around sins 1989 in Japan and from 1990 in the rest of the world. In its earlier years it was an air-cooled 2-valve inline four built upon the Z400 (inline four) from the 80s. In 1996 it got an major update and become the bike we have here, the X model. It is still air-cooled but now have 4-vavles each cylinder, 17 inches wheels all around, big brakes (same as the GPZ1100 mid 90s).

For 2004 the 400 have got the same updates in colours and graphics as its bigger brothers.

  Metallic spark black Deep red  
  <400 <750 <1100  



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