New models for 2004 Part 1






Type: ZX1000C-1

  At least a Kawasaki fully capable to take on the GSXR1000 and Yamaha R1. A brand new superbike the ZX10R    
  How does it look?  
  Pearl Blazing Orange/Metallic Flat Stoic Black  
  Pearl Blazing Orange/Metallic Flat Stoic Black  
  US Version European Version  
  Lime Green/Metallic Flat Stoic Black  
  European Version US Version  
  Metallic Spark Black /Metallic Flat Stoic Black  
  Candy Thunder Blue /Metallic Flat Stoic Black  
  • Pearl Blazing Orange for USA Canada and Australia

  • Candy Thunder Blue for Europe, USA and Canada

  Hp: 175/184* Torque: 115Nm  
  Top speed 186 miles/h, 297.6/h,  
  0-402m s@km/h 9.92s @ 235.84 km/h  
  0-100km/h 2.92s  
  *)Without ram air and with ram air assistance.  

Dyno ZX10R VS GSXR1000  

Source: Sport Rider one of the very best!

  Note the difference in front signal lights between the different markets.  
  Text from Kawasaki Heavy Industries LTD ZX10R Technical information  

Ultimate Supersport! Kawasaki storms into the litre-class with the uncompromising new Ninja ZX-10R, the machine everyone has been waiting for - everyone except the competition.  Unlike most other Kawasaki machines, the ZX-10R design started with chassis simulations. The goal was a extremely lightweight and compact chassis that would offer superb handling and stability.

The engine is bolted into all-aluminium twin-tube backbone frame that arches over the engine rather than around it, as with conventional sportbike designs. Constructed of thin-walled castings and pressed aluminium sheets welded together for optimum lightness, the ZX-10R frame provides exceptional high-speed stability and responsive handling, yet is no wider than most 600cc-class sportbikes. (picture 1-3 right, 10-11 below) Actually more compact than the ZX-6R frame

  10. 11. 12.  

Kawasaki engineers utilized a "stack" design for the extraordinarily compact, liquid-cooled, 998cc inline four-cylinder engine. The crank axis, input shaft and output shaft of the engine are positioned in a triangular layout to reduce engine length, while the high-speed generator is placed behind the cylinder bank to reduce engine width. With a bore and stroke of 76 x 55mm, the ZX-10R engine's one-piece cylinder and crankcase assembly reduces weight and increases rigidity.  (picture 6-9 right) Key features:

  • Lightweight Forge Pistons, Spark Plug-Mounted Ignition Coils

  • Digital Timing Advance, EFI with 43mm Keihin Throttle Bodies

  • Central Ram Air Induction System, Titanium Exhaust with Butterfly Valve

  • High-speed processor provides precise engine management

  13. 14.  

Stopping power for the ZX-10R is provided by dual 300mm front disc brakes featuring petal disc design, radially mounted four-piston callipers, and a single 220mm rear disc brake. The radial front brake design utilizes mounting points at both the top and bottom of the calliper, with the mounting bolts inserted through the rear of the calliper instead of the side or front as on conventional designs. This racing-inspired setup makes the calliper more rigid to improve brake feel over a wider range of operation. (picture 4, 5 right) Key features:

  • Individual brake pads for each piston prevent pad deformation due to heat

  • Petal Design brake discs improve cooling and warp resistance

  • First "wavy" type discs to come standard on a Supersport machine

  15. 16. 17.  

With the help of a front area smaller than that of a NINJA ZX-6R, the angular body work and racing-style ergonomics of the ZX-10R minimizes aerodynamic drag on the race track. A central ram air duct incorporated into the nose of the fairing provides cool, dense air to the airbox, which is situated between the frame tubes. The top portion of the fuel tank is also concave, so the competition rider can tuck in tightly behind the small windscreen. (picture 12-14 above)

Other features include multi-reflector headlights, forged aluminium handlebars that are gun-drilled to reduce weight. LCD display with radial tachometer and digital speedometer, plus a stop watch function and LED tail light.

  • Advanced Electronic Instrumentation (picture 15-17 above)

  • All-LCD display features digital step motor speedometer and temperature gauge inside the bar display tachometer

  • Multi-function odometer, trip meter, clock and lap timer/stopwatch

A Good ZX10R test Specifications

Left: Download the complete model information.


New frame makes the ZX10 no bigger than most 600cc


Frame runs over the engine to give keep the bike compact.


Massive braced swing arm delivers the rigidty needed.


New design, the most spectacular Kawasaki for years.


New design, the most spectacular Kawasaki for years.


Brand new compact and powerful engine


Electronic Fuel Injection and digital engine management


New design, the most spectacular Kawasaki for years.


Generator  behind the cylinder to reduce engine width.


A look inside the engine.

        More pictures        
  Above very big pictures 2894x2237 all European version.  
  US Ninja PDF file       Johan & me           PDF file in German.  






A brand new Kawasaki for 2004, going to be released April 2004. This multi-role machine combines the convenience and comfort of a touring model and the performance of a sports bike.

Designed primarily for road use, this powerful adventure bike doesn't ever mind the occasional off road trip.

It looks familiar? Well you are right, its a Suzuki DL1000V-Strom with a new paint and new badges on.

  You can get it in any colour if its Pearl Blazing Orange.  

  Some details from the new bike. And the Suzuki, compare them..  
            Model information, PDF file.  



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