KSR110   KL110-A2

  Orange   Lime green   White          
    The KSR110 A2, same bike as i 2003, except new colours and graphics. Still a nice little town bike wit a lot of  up-to-date equipment as inverted front forks and disc brakes all round.  
  Engine detalis                  



The Kawasaki KMX125 is a learner legal trail bike. It is designed as a dual sport bike and is capable of road use as well as off road. Similar to the KDX125SR but more road oriented.

  Ebony Blue Lime Green    


Note: not quite sure if its still in production, on all info witch where found of the bike it looks just like the 2003 model.  
  A more off-road oriented version of the bike above, and same her not sure if its still in production. All pictures are 2003 model.






  oriental blue white          

D-Tracker. Much the same bike as the KLX250. The same engine, instruments, frame etc. But with  Super Motard style.

The D-tracker are slightly modified for 2004. It comes as you can see in three new colours, black blue and white and a silver painted frame. But the main modifications are new instruments housing, new designed rear fender, a bigger rear  wheel and  wider rear rim (from 3.5 in. to 4.0 in.)  It have a modern water cooled DOHC 4 valve engine, 17in wheels an effective brakes, a really nice town bike. The D-Tracker are produced at  Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd and shipped to world nations including Japan

Want another colour?
  Buy a Suzuki, same bike, different name!  



KLX250 KLX250-H6  

Built on the same chassis as the D-Tracker, the KLX250 the same inverted forks and Uni-Track suspension, the same water cooled DOHC-4 valve engine.  But built as an off-road. The main differences from the 2003 model are: New graphics and a new designed rear brake protector.  The KLX are also built in Thailand.

  Lime green Orange    
  An article about the KLX250 from Bike Point Australia , click the logo at left.  








KL250Super Sherpa

  Polar White/Black From: Sherpa Network, (Japan)        

It’s been called “Good Times on Two Wheels.” Kawasaki’s Super Sherpa can be enjoyed on- or off-road by novice and experienced riders. Its air-cooled 4-stroke engine is eager to take on the street, trail or whatever is in between. With its manoeuvrability, low seat height, electric start function and ease of operation, the affordable, lightweight Kawasaki Super Sherpa motorcycle is fun to ride and appeals to wide range of riders. (From: Kawasaki Canada)

Modifications for 2004 are two new colours and graphics.

Great places to find more:

Sherpa Network, GREAT place, in Japanese, you must visit this.

Great Yahoo Sherpa group.


  From: Sherpa Network, (Japan)          




The Kawasaki KL250J Stockman looks like an Super Sherpa with carriers tacked on at both ends. But its a bike  designed especially for the Australasian farm market. There's no centre-stand, but the KL has a second side-stand on the right so that you can park the bike even where the ground slopes the wrong way.  the KL has an unexpectedly low 830mm saddle height, the lowest of any off-road its size.  The KL comes standard with front and rear carriers, as well as heavy-duty hand guards. Ready for work

Read an article here.



 250TR BJ250-P3



        The 250 TR, a bike looking like a trail bikes of the seventies. Probably more suited as a city bike than as a  off-road bike. Same bike as in 2003, except some new colours and graphics. Read more about it , here. 250TR 2003    
      Look at the picture of the blue or black 250TR, does the graphics remind you of something? At right another Kawasaki with similar graphics, a S2 from 1972  



New bike in 2003, based on the Kawasaki KLX400R enduro motorcycle, the KLX400SR is powered by a modern double overhead cam, four valve, liquid-cooled, dry-sump four-stroke engine. KLX400SR is slim, nimble and comfortable enough to spend long days in the saddle.


To make it road legal some equipment have been added to the enduro version to make the SR.

Durable rubber-mounted turn signals,  Digital instrument cluster includes odometer, speedometer and clock.  Highway-legal headlight and tail/stoplight. Engine guard and rear disc brake guard .  O-rings keep the dirt and water out, but keep lubrication in for longer chain life .  Large 2.6-gallon tank allows great range, but is narrow for comfort.  Snail-type chain adjusters for quick wheel changes and chain adjustments.  Dual purpose tires meet highway-use regulations.  U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestor. No changes from the 2003 model.

  Lime Green  
  As with the D-tracker you can always get another colour, maybe a blue or yellow one? The only difference is the name: Suzuki.  This is a product of the Kawasaki-Suzuki alliance - created to allow the two brands to share certain production platforms. In this cast The KLX400SR and R are a Suzuki with new names on, the Suzuki "D-tracker" is a Kawasaki with  a new name.  



Dual Purpose





The KLE500 have been around sins 1991 and its a nice all-round. As useful on as off the road. The engine is based on


the power plant  from the GPZ500R (500Ninja). Slightly detuned for more midrange power. The colours this year is: Metallic Comet Blue/Pearl Mystic Black and Metallic Phantom Silver/Ebony (same as 2003)


KLR650 Model name: KL650-A18, KLR650C

  European Version (left) KLR650C  
US Version (right) KLR650A

The KLR650 still going strong for 2004.  Been on the marked for quite a while but still a good Dual Purpose bike with a strong dual overhead cam, four-valve liquid-cooled 651cc engine. The motor provides a wide range of power equally


 suitable for negotiating low-speed trails and cruising at a more brisk highway pace. An engine crankshaft  counter


 balancer and electric starter provide additional rider comfort and convenience.

            Together with the KLR250  
  KLR250 KL250-J3                  
  KLR250 2004 Aztec Red   KL250 1978   KLR250 1985  

The KLR250, one of the long runners in the Kawasaki family. It all started with the KL250A 1978. This was a enduro version of the road going Z250. In 1985 the KLR250 was born. As today it had double overhead camshaft, four valve and liquid cooling. The KLR250 have had a lot of modifications during the years, but you can clearly see the relationship.

PDF files and specifications.
KLR250 KLE500 KLR650
Left & right, PDF files for the "US-marked" off-road bikes.
  All KLR models               KLR650  



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