The Cruisers.


Eliminator 125 or BN125 , Model name BN125-A7

    Metallic Phantom Silver   Red      

Perfect for the beginning rider who wants an easy-to-operate motorcycle with a low seat height, the Eliminator 125 is also inexpensive to buy and maintain. It is powered by an air-cooled, 125cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine specially tuned for low- and mid-range torque, making it perfect for around-town riding. The electric starter makes getting under way easy and a convenient five-speed transmission allows the rider to use the engine's full potential.

The engine is mounted in a high-tensile steel, double-cradle frame, while 33mm forks and a steel swingarm with twin, five-way preload-adjustable shocks provide a smooth, comfortable ride. A single, front disc brake provides ample stopping power for this small cruiser, and chrome-plated wire spoke wheels are featured at both ends.


The Vulcan 400 models and the EL252 seems to have been dropped fro 2004

  VN250 Eliminator



The 2004 Eliminator is Kawasaki's entry level, learner legal street rod. With all the looks and size of the bigger boys, it's hard to believe that it is only a 250.  The Eliminator  presence, its long wheelbase, unusually wide rear tyre, polished cast alloy spooked wheels and chromed engine all add to its character.

  The megaphone style exhaust and dragger style bars give the Eliminator a sportier appearance than most cruisers. Specially tuned for low-end and mid-range torque and mid range power. The Eliminator weighs in at just 167kg. This, along with the 33° steering rake angle makes the Eliminator highly manoeuvrable and easy to ride for novice riders.  
  EN500 Vulcan


  The EN500 are the same bike as last year, only the colour is new, why change a great bike. Powered with an well known engine from the GPZ500 (Ninja 500) and designed like its bigger Vulcan brothers. A good bike for the beginner and for the experienced  rider.  
  Colours: Metallic Ruby Red      
  VN750 Vulcan              

Colour: Ebony/Metallic Phantom Silver


The VN750 have been around for a while. It appeared in 1985 as the VN700 in the US and as the VN750 elsewhere. It still looks almost the same.  A highly competent cruiser chassis underpins unintentionally retro-1980s styling, all motivated by a shaft-drive, liquid-cooled V-twin.

  It seems its only available in the US-marked, and you can get a version with fairing and luggage rack. 1985 model  
VN800 Drifter        
Ebony/Galaxy Silver

For cruiser enthusiasts who love the styling cues of the 1940s, the Kawasaki Vulcan® 800 Drifter® cruiser has all the class and technological virtues of its larger sibling, the Drifter 1500 – including a solo saddle, wire wheels draped with sculpted fenders, sturdy V-twin engine and a fishtail muffler. This smaller Drifter is also easier on the bank account for riders who are just getting started in their cruiser experience.

    Metallic Ruby Red    
    Metallic Ruby Red    

 The Kawasaki Vulcan™ 800 with its traditional styling, modern technology and affordable price. With standard features that include a stepped seat, raked-out front end, wire wheels and torque V-twin engine.


For 2004, actually only new colours on all of them.


VN800 Classic   VN800-B9    
Metallic Nocturne Blue   Metallic Canyon Silver

With its fat tires, chrome back-swept exhaust pipes and stepped seat, the Kawasaki Vulcan® 800 Classic motorcycle conjures up friendly images of cool evenings on a small-town boulevard or the sound of its V-twin engine softly rumbling through the leaves of a tree-lined country road. It is confidence inspiring, yet stylish. Affordable – but all cruiser, from its tear-drop tank to its valance fenders and chrome wire wheels.


All the Vulcan 800 bikes have a lot in common, all use the same  rubber-mounted, 805cc V-twin engine, the same  36mm Keihin carburettor equipped with an accelerator pump, the five-speed transmission, the single-backbone, double-cradle frame design, at rear a sleek, triangular steel swing arm and hidden Kawasaki UNI-TRAK linkage rear suspension system etc. The difference are mostly cosmetic.



  VN1500 Classic Tourer /Nomad Fi VN1500-L6  
   Blue/Metallic Phantom Silver  
  Metallic Dark Bronze   Metallic Nocturne  

Still going strong the VN1500 Classic Tourer or Nomad as its named in the USA. But not for long. It will be reborn as the VN1600CT in 2005. You can read more about the VN1500 CT 2003 model here.

  VN1500 Classic VN1500-E7  

The VN1500 already replaced with the VN1600 but still going strong, at least for one more year.  Its successor is already here in the VN1600. But for 2004 you can still get this nice big V-Twin.

 The classic cruiser look is long and low.  An extra-low seat height, wide handlebar, forward-mounted floorboards and plush suspension system make the 1500 Classic a comfortable ride.  The speedometer, fuel gauge and warning lamps are located on a center console on top of the wide fuel tank.  

Customizing is integral to the cruiser experience, so Kawasaki offers a wide range of genuine Fire & Steel accessories for the Vulcan 1500 Classic. 

  Ebony/Sunbeam Red  
  Pearl Boulogne/Pearl Alpine White    
  VN1600 Classic VN1600-A2  

The VN1600 was introduced in 2003, for 2004 there are new colours. 

The Vulcan 1600 Classic complements the Kawasaki line-up for 2004 as the quintessential heavyweight cruiser, perfect in stock form or customized to suit the rider's personality.

Power for the Vulcan 1600 Classic comes from a liquid-cooled, V-twin, four-stroke 1552cc engine that is tuned for low- and mid-range power.

  The VN1600 engine  
  Pearl Mystic Black   Metallic Majestic Red   Pearl Crystal White  
      Note: big file      

Each cylinder features a single overhead cam actuating four valves, and hydraulic lash adjusters automatically maintain valve clearance for smooth engine performance, reduced valve clatter and no maintenance. Plus, automatic chain tensioner keep cam timing accurate and provide greater reliability.  You can read more here: VN1600 2003

  VN1500 Drifter  
  Black/Galaxy Silver  

The Kawasaki  1500 Drifter motorcycle captures the essence of the 1940s, an era when Route 66 was the scenic route of choice for many and the most desirable motorcycles were powered by big V-twin engines.  The Drifter hearkens to yesteryear with a low, slung chassis, sculpted fenders and a fishtail muffler, but underneath its retro styling and abundance of chrome is the advanced engineering and electronics of a modern motorcycle.  A big, 90 cubic-inch, liquid-cooled V-twin engine provides the Drifter with modern cruiser performance. High compression and aggressive cam timing provide the healthy power output, while each cylinder features a single overhead cam actuating four valves. Hydraulic valve lash adjusters reduce maintenance. 

  VN1600   VN1600-B1          
  Pearl Blazing Orange (EUR)   Metallic Black Spark   Metallic Black Spark   Metallic Black Spark  

The VN1500 Mean Streak are gone, long live the VN1600 Mean Streak. It looks the same but there are a lot of upgrades over the 1500. The new engine is based on a modified version of the VN1600Classic engine witch adds 82ccm displacement to 1552ccm. The power in the low and medium rpm range

  Candy Lime Green  (USA/CAN/AUS)  
  are significantly improved, and acceleration is much stronger.  Modifications to the cylinder heads increase its power output even further over the VN1600C power unit.  Engine modifications over the original 1600 engine are bigger 37mm valves (33mm in the 1600), hotter cams, large bore 40mm throttle bodies , shorter and strengthened gearing etc.  Chassis upgrades include a stiffer swingarm to suit the more powerful engine, new seat mounts to reduce vibration and host of cosmetic upgrades witch refine and improve the machines appearance. and on top of it, new tank graphics, new mirror, more polished details and new wheels.  
  Candy Thunder Blue (US/Can)       A closer look on the new engine.  

Compared to the other big Kawasaki cruisers the VN1600MS are more power oriented, it appeared in 2002 as the VN1500MS with a long low chassis and almost superbike suspension and brakes. Big 43mm inverted front fork and fully  adjustable rear shocks. A superbike just a few years ago would be proud of the brakes of this machine.

  Some very big pictures of the VN1600MC, 286 x 2834       And this is the Suzuki sibling  
    You can read more here: VN1500MS ore in the PDF file below.      
    Some PDF files.    
VN800C   VN1500MS   All Cruisers in Swedish (5mb)   All C. German



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