Various models.

  Here are some bikes witch is hard to find any information about. Except the KZ1000 Police witch are US made, most are made by Kawasaki Thailand and Kawasaki India. If anyone have some additional info or pictures (any year model) please send me an email.  

By Kawasaki USA


KZ1000 Police, Model name KZ1000P


The KZ1000 Police, this must be a long runner in the Kawasaki line up. Its based on the KZ1000J from the early 80s. Kawasaki's policy has been to build a Police bike at an  reasonable cost so it would be seen on the streets world wide, witch they have succeeded in. Compared to the KZ (Z)1000J the gearbox have been  tweaked, the brakes have got modern callipers, the forks are updated. Its produced at Kawasaki's Factory in Nebraska (US).

    But when this was written (January 05) the last one were made. Kawasaki no longer accept orders on the 2005 KZ1000P  

By Kawasaki Thailand. (some pictures may not bee the 2004 model)


KRR-ZX150 2004

The KRR-ZX150 a real Ninja. This bike witch are only distributed in Asia were made by Kawasaki Thailand.  It have a powerful 148ccm 2-stroke engine with  KIPS power-valve, double cradle high tensile steel frame, hot brakes and the look of the awesome ZX12R.



KRR-SSR150 and Victor M 150

Kawasaki KRR-SSR 150
  Much the same as the ZX150 but probably an older design. The same powerful 2-strok engine, similar brakes but a different frame.  A modern good looking bike, sadly never seen in Europe.
Kawasaki Victor M 150
      The Victor M 150 is a naked version of the KRR-SSR, same bike without the fairing but with a classic round headlight and nice instruments.
It is hard to find good pictures of the Victor. so here you have a quite good one of the 2001 model, borrowed from
    More Motorbikes from Thailand ?


By Kawasaki India. (some pictures may not bee the 2004 model)


BOSS 175

  The Kawasaki Boss 175, much the same as the Eliminator 125 except a bigger engine. Available in China, Thailand, Malaysia and now, India. Made by Kawasaki India.  
  Most the Kawasaki (if not all) made in India were made by Bajaj Auto. Kawasaki has been  Bajaj Auto technical partner for over a decade.  Bajaj Auto is currently the largest exporter of two wheelers in India with exports sales of 94,133 units in 2002-03.  

BYK100, Caliber115, Wind 125 and Pulsar 180/150

  Byk 100, a nice entry level bike with 6.5hp, 4 speed gearbox and drum brakes at both ends.     The wind 125, a bigger brother of the Calibre 115. The 4-stroke engine produces 10.8 hp and it have modern features like digital ignition, disc brake up front and full instrumentation.  

The Calibre 115, in the middle between the Byk and the wind. The single cylinder engine is rated at 9.5hp, and a top speed of 100km/h . Like the Wind it have a disc brake up front.

The Pulsar 180/150,  biggest at 180/150ccm and most modern with digital twin spark ignition for more power and better mileage. Rated at 16.5 hp/13.5 hp.

  The Boxer 100, there is two versions,  the AR (picture) and the AT. The AT is a economy version of the AR with less equipment. Rated at 8.2 hp    
      Calibre Calibre Wind Pulsar  
Wallpapers from Bajaj Auto

By Kawasaki somewhere. (some pictures may not bee the 2004 model)


KH125, GTO125

  At least one bike I have seen before. It looks just like the KH100/125 we had in Europe in the mid 70s! Well it is still in production. Seems to be several versions, one with drum brakes and a round headlight, one with disc brake and rectangular headlight. Both called 125 GTO. And then we have the KH25LTD on the picture far right. The GTO is rated at 16.5 hp, the KH at 22hp.  

Don't know if the information here is right, some of the pictures are probably not the 2004 model. If someone have additional information, please send me an email.




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