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Off-road & Enduro

Updated 24.12.2004

The small ones.


KSR110 KL110A1

Ebony   Engine details   Lime Green   Instrumen

A nice small off-road for the Japanese marked. Haven't found any information in English about this bike. You can visit one of the many nice KSR110 sites in Japan here.




The Kawasaki KMX125 is a learner legal trail bike. It is designed as a dual sport bike and is capable of road use as well as off road. Similar to the KDX125SR but more road oriented.

  Ebony Blue 41 Lime Green      



Light, well suspended, and nimble quarter liter stoker. Plenty powerful enough for eager novices after the addition of a full flow exhaust, while retaining full road legality with proper lights, indicators, mirrors etc.
The square section steel frame is from a KX125. A pretty little thing, at one stage the KDX had the dubious honors of being.

  Red (bad quality pic.) Lime Green  

A review from  "This bike is the best off road 125 available. Its basically a road legal MX bike, so its strong, handles, and is very fast (28hp de-restricted), it is also VERY light, 100kg! Build quality is good, spares are very available. It also looks much better than other bikes (i.e. ts125, dt125, kmx125, rx125 etc.)"


Visit  UKbike.Com




The 250's


KLX250 KLX250-H5


Although street legal the KLX250 Electric start has the same chassis and suspension as the race only versions. Similar to the D-Tracker

Features below:

    Lime Green Blazing Orange  

Double Overhead Cams
State-of-the-art design keeps the valves under control even at high rpm, assuring good power throughout the rev range.

Counter-Rotating Engine Balancer
Single gear-driven, counter-rotating balancer in the crankcase minimises engine vibration for rider comfort

Electric Starter
The ultimate in easy and convenient starting

Semi-Double Cradle Frame
Made of high-tech, round section, high tensile steel, the same strong yet light-weight material used in our world-class motocross bikes


36mm, Long Travel Front Fork
Stiff 36mm inner tubes provide rigidity for good handling. Long, 220mm stroke gives a supple, controlled ride in the rough stuff

Lighting and U.S.F.S. Approved Spark Arrester
Street-legal lighting with turn indicators so you don’t have to be home by dark. US Forestry-approved spark arrester keeps the forest safe

  A really good KLX site: KLXsone.  



KLR250   KL250-J2

     FROM Kawasaki.COM  

Dual-purpose motorcycles were introduced in the United States nearly 30 years ago, quickly becoming popular because of their light weight, simplicity and ability to travel off the beaten path. For motorcyclists who are explorers at heart, the Kawasaki KLR250 still offers those same attributes today, with a modern, fuel-efficient engine and a lightweight chassis.

The KLR250 is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with dual overhead cams operating four valves for superior performance. Double engine counter balancers keep the power plant running smooth from idle to redline, and an automatic cam chain tensioner keeps precise timing without maintenance.

The frame for the KLR250 is made of the same high-tech, high-tensile steel used in Kawasaki's world-class KX motocross machines. A detachable, lightweight aluminum rear sub frame simplifies maintenance by providing access to the air box, carburetor and rear shock.

The KLR250 features an air adjustable front fork and Kawasaki's UNI-TRAK® rear suspension, providing more than nine inches of travel at both ends to smooth the ride. The latter features adjustable spring preload and rebound damping. Helping to maintain good traction on pavement or dirt roads, the KLR250's wheels are shod with universal tires, while a single front disc brake and rear drum brake help to ensure smooth, powerful stops.




 Stockman KL250-J2

     FROM Kawasaki New Zeeland  

The Stockman is a farm bike built for the serious farmer who is willing to pay a little more for quality and technical superiority. Designed especially for the Australasian farm market, the Stockman delivers 250cc four stroke torque and high quality construction.

Lightweight Handling
Attention to detailed weight reduction and weight distribution give the Stockman superb lightweight maneuverability.

Torque 250 cm3 Engine
Powered reliable and economical air-cooled 4-stroke, 4-valve single cylinder engine. Mated to this responsive engine is a smooth 6-speed transmission with gear ratios set for optimum all-round agricultural performance.

Practicality and Comfort
The Stockman have features such as an electric starter and comfortably configured suspension, low effort controls, a conveniently low seat height, side stands on both sides, an engine guard and sturdy front and rear carriers.

Developed For The Farm
Kawasaki enlisted engineers and farmers to help design and test the all-new Stockman. With this local background the Stockman will prove appealing to a variety of agricultural and pastoral users. 


D-Tracker    KLX250-J5

  Compare this engine with the KLX250          

D-Tracker. Much the same bike as the KLX250. The same engine, instruments, frame etc. But with  Super Motard style more at home in city traffic or exploring the back roads Here is what Kawasaki New Zeeland wrote about it:


Super Motard styling
Styled like a Super Mortar racer the D-Tracker looks as good as it goes.

Powerful 4-stroke single
The liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-valve power plant delivers plenty of power and torque for fighting the urban traffic or exploring back roads. Electric start takes the effort out of getting going

Front and rear disc brakes
Dependable front and rear disc brakes ensure safe reliable stops while upside down front forks and race proven Uni-Trak suspension deliver excellent handling

Street tyres on 17 inch wheels
Like all modern sport bikes the D-Tracker is equipped with 17 inch wheels front and rear for excellent handling while the sport type road tyres offer plenty of grip wet or dry

  Above: BIG pictures from WWW.BIKEHK.COM  



Super Sherpa KL250-H7

  US Version  
  Polar White Lime Green Green / Black US version  

Get ready for riding fun with the Kawasaki Super Sherpa. Built for off-roading, commuting or heading to school, it will fit perfectly into your unique lifestyle. Pick the Super Sherpa for commuting fun. At just 113 kg, it’s ideal for beginning (and experienced) riders who want nimble handling. A low 830 mm seat height, electric starting and easy maintenance adds to Super Sherpa’s appeal. Best of all, it’s priced exactly right. You might call it Good Times™ on two wheels.


Kawasaki engineers tuned the air-cooled, dual overhead cam, four-valve single-cylinder engine to produce a wide range of power, so the Super Sherpa is as good for around-town commuting as it is for trail riding. Fins on the cam covers and specially designed air passageways help ensure efficient engine cooling, and narrow valve angles and a short connecting rod help reduce the overall size of the Super Sherpa engine so that it fits neatly into the compact, lightweight high-tensile steel frame.

Suspension duties are handled by a rigid 36mm front fork with 9.1 inches of front wheel travel, and Kawasaki's UNI-TRAK system for 7.3 inches of travel in the rear. Powerful single disc brakes at the front and rear wheels provide sure stopping power with responsive feel, while universal tires promote excellent traction on the street or dirt.

Other Super Sherpa features include a quiet stainless-steel exhaust system with spark arrestor, rear grab rails that improve passenger comfort as well as provide cargo tie-down and lifting points, and a 2.4-gallon fuel tank that maintains the machine's slim profile while giving it extensive cruising range.   FROM Kawasaki.COM




A 250 for Japan. 250TR BJ250-P2


Big Picture


Polar White


Polar White


Metallic Gold Spark type 2

  In details:  

Lime green



   Added February 2004  
  Note: BIG pictures  

The fashion for retro looks has reached off-road styled bikes. The latest to reflect the trend is Kawasaki’s 250TR.

It looks like a 1970s scrambler – but is actually aimed at style-conscious city-dwellers. And Tokyo trend-setters are expected to snap them up. Honda and Suzuki have already revealed bikes on a similar theme. The Kawasaki even has a retro-looking engine. It’s an air-cooled 250cc single.


 But the light weight, friendly power delivery and sit-up-and-beg riding position should make it ideal for city traffic. Despite the semi-knobbly tyres, the suspension reveals the bike isn’t really intended to tackle the rough stuff. It's unlikely to be officially imported, although grey importers should be able to get hold of them before too long.

Using a compelling air-cooled single cylinder engine, this  motorcycle is best described as a freestyle bike. It's name, the 250TR. It incorporates a remake of the trail bikes that once owned Kawasaki's off-road market, yet the 250TR is a very metropolitan freestyle bike.
With real off-road tires, it offers a true off-road appeal, but our concept in designing this model was to capture the wild outdoors within our riders' hearts. This bike's theme is the ability to have fun as you wish whenever you feel like it. It offers a lightweight construction and a compact body type, with a fashion sense perfectly suited to that day when you'll need it. This freestyle sports commuter is sure to make your neighborhood a much more interesting place to live.


TR250 Wallpapers from Kawasaki Japan

      Note: big pictures      



Big bore




The KLE500 have been around sins 1991 and its a nice all-round. As useful on as off the road.


The engine is based on the power plant  from the GPZ500R (500Ninja). Slightly detuned for more midrange power. The colours this year is: Metallic Comet Blue/Pearl Mystic Black and Metallic Phantom Silver/Ebony (big picture)



KLR650 Model name: KL650-A18, KL650C

  Europe, Aus: version   US Version  
  The KLR650 is a long going model that have been around almost unchanged for several years.  

There is a slightly difference in the design  for the European (C) and the US model (A). The European model is lower, different looks different sub frame, more street-oriented and heavier, the US one are better for touring with its bigger fairing. Anyway that's up to the owner to decide. Underneath the plastic the bikes are more alike with their 651ccm engine and high tensile steel frame.

    KLE500     KLR650  



The Enduro.


KDX200R KDX200-H9


The KDX200's 198cc liquid-cooled, two-stroke engine features Kawasaki's Integrated Power Valve System (KIPS®), which helps spread the power over a wide rpm range. The compact engine is supported by a high-tensile steel perimeter frame, which is based on Kawasaki's championship-winning KX motocross models.


The 26.5-degree steering angle and short wheelbase contribute to the KDX200's quick-handling nature. Plus, advanced suspension components give it a smooth ride over a wide range of terrain.  The Kawasaki KDX200 off-road motorcycle is hailed by magazine editors as being one of the best dirt bikes to ever traverse a trail or compete in gruelling International Six Day Enduro competition. Powered by a quick-revving, two-stroke engine, the lightweight, easy-to-ride KDX200 puts a grin on the face of even the most ardent dirt biker. No wonder it’s one of Kawasaki’s all-time off-road motorcycle sales leaders.





The Kawasaki KDX220R off-road motorcycle is built for the discriminating dirt bike rider who wants the handling and lightweight feel of Kawasaki's acclaimed KDX200 combined with the torque of more displacement.  By increasing the bore by 3mm, engineers gave the KDX220R's liquid-cooled two-stroke engine an extra 18cc more than the KDX200.


This allows the 220R to build power more quickly and pull harder in the low- to mid-range of the power band. To maintain the smooth power delivery that defines the KDX line, the 33mm Keihin carburettor on the 220R is 2mm smaller than that of its sibling. High-speed compression is also slightly reduced, while porting differences help give the 220R its highly tractable power characteristics.
Power is spread over a wide rpm range. Power delivery is focused toward the low to middle part of the rev range since this machine is intended to compete with larger-displacement 250cc machines. As a result, the KDX220R produces 250-like torque.



KLX300R KLX300-A8

      Last picture at left  is the new Kawasaki European 2003 KLX300R-A8 with Black Tank and Grey perimeter frame.

Serious dirt bikers know that the Kawasaki KLX300R is one of the most versatile bikes in off-road motorcycling. With its torque four-stroke engine, lightweight chassis and impeccable handling, the numerous features of the KLX300R make it perfect for off-road exploring as well as enduro and cross-country racing. 


Designed to be ultra-compact, the KLX300R motorcycle’s liquid-cooled 292cc engine features dual overhead cams activating four valves atop an Electrofusion-coated aluminium cylinder, which is wear resistant. The engine is wrapped in a high-tensile steel perimeter frame based on the design of Kawasaki’s championship-winning KX motocross bikes. A 26.5-degree steering angle and short wheelbase contribute to quick handling characteristics.




KLX400R KLX400-B1

        KLX400R is an enduro version of the KLX400SR  

It's no secret that the popularity of mid-sized, four-stroke off-road motorcycles is at an all time high, so adding an aggressive no-holds-barred electric start thumper to the Kawasaki off-road family was a no-brainer. That's where the new Kawasaki KLX400R motorcycle comes in - a powerful yet agile 398cc four-stroke packaged in a lightweight and durable chassis. Built to either conquer the toughest enduro trails or provide a leisurely trail ride, the KLX400R will get the adrenaline pumping.


One push of a button fires up the KLX400R's engine, via a lightweight starter motor. The responsive power stems from a double overhead cam, four valve, liquid-cooled dry-sump engine that boasts rapid throttle response at all rpm. A nickel-silicon-phosphorous-plated cylinder provides excellent heat transfer properties and is host to a forged aluminium piston, which receives oil cooling through a crankcase oil jet. A twist of the throttle demonstrates that torque is on-tap from the low-end to the mid-range, and continues all the way up the power band. Crisp and quick throttle response is provided by a Keihin FCR39 carburetor, which drinks from a long-range 2.6-gallon fuel tank.

For easy maintenance, a cable-operated clutch with a separate outer cover operates with the compact five-speed transmission. Equipped with a gear for any off-road situation, the KLX400R's transmission can handle anything from tight, sandy or rocky terrain to high-speed hard pack.

Wrapped around the responsive engine is an equally responsive chassis. With a dry weight of just 262 pounds, the KLX400R is slim, nimble and easy to throw around the trail. Bolted to the chrome-molly steel frame is an aluminum sub frame that provides a skeleton for a smooth transition between tank, seat and bodywork. Giving the KLX400R a plush ride is the 49mm long-travel cartridge fork, which features rebound damping and adjustable spring preload. A lightweight aluminum swing arm and rear shock with high/low-speed rebound and compression damping adjustability complement the fork and overall chassis package. Prime stopping power comes from front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

Finishing touches to the KLX400R include off-highway lighting via a 55-watt headlight and LED-type taillight, durable steel foot pegs, aluminum rims and hubs and a U.S. Forestry-approved spark arrestor.   

      All info in about the Enduro bikes are from: Kawasaki.COM  

The 2003 models are divided in six pages:


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Note: At this moment there will be no Motor cross bikes in this section.

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