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  Rake/Trail Rake is the angle the steering is inclined from the vertical. Trail is the distance between an imaginary line drawn vertically through the wheel axle and an imaginary line drawn through the steering head. The distance between these two lines when they meet the floor is the trail. (perhaps it would be easier to use a diagram)  
  Bore x stroke Bore is the internal diameter of the cylinder. Stroke is the distance the piston travels from the bottom to the top of the cylinder. Both are measured in millimetres  


Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System (KIPS®) KIPS system varies exhaust port height for increased horsepower and torque Produces a broad power band with more low-end torque while retaining excellent top-end power.  KIPS-D the same as above with  automatic Decompression system.  
  K-TRIC Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC). By utilizing the Digital Ignition system and a throttle-position sensor on the carburettors, K-TRIC varies timing according to throttle position and engine rpm so the ignition compensates for differing engine loads. The result is crisp throttle response and optimum fuel efficiency.

  KACR Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release (KACR) system and hot start circuit. KACR slightly opens one exhaust valve while the engine is being kick started to ease compression.  
  KLEEN / KCA KLEEN (Kawasaki Low Exhaust Emission) System, Helps keep exhaust emissions environmentally friendly. Reductions in exhaust emissions also aided by reshaping the guide for the secondary air reed valve. KCA (Kawasaki Clean Air) system routes fresh air to the exhaust ports for cleaner exhaust emissions. It's a system that connects the exhaust valves to the airbox via reed valves, which sucks clean air into the exhaust pipes during the exhaust stroke to help ignite any unburned fuel from the power stroke  
  SOHC, DOHC,OHV Single Over Head Camshaft, Double Over Head Camshaft, Over Head Camshaft.


  SUPERLUBE Superlube oil injection system eliminates mixing fuel and oil, a common procedure with many two-stroke engines, and delivers the precise amount of lubrication to the engine for greater reliability and reduced emissions


  INJECTORLUBE Autolube and Injectolube are  different brand names for the same thing. In the Injectolube system the crankshaft-driven oil pump was retained along with the throttle control.  
  AVDS Automatic Variable Damping System, for increasing compression damping, witch works automatically and provides more damping as fork travel and speed of fork increase.  There is a spring loaded valve on top of the damper rod in each fork, when about one third of the fork travel is used, the main fork spring forces the valve shut. As the fork continues to compress, pressure increases inside the damper rod, underneath the valve, eventually building high enough to progressively force the valve open, allowing the fork to compress slowly. Spike loads created by big bumps knock the spring loaded valve off and allow the fork to react.

The system was first used on  the GPZ900R and GPZ750R back in 1984. source: Cycle World



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