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  On this page you can share your bike with other Kawa fans. The first added pictures are shown first.  If you have a Z or KZ650, standard or modified, any shape, I would like to put it here. /Jarle  



Added January 2008

Updated Mars 2008




Truls Johansen, from Norway Z650-F4


It all started with the picture at left. This Z650F4 picture was found at a Norwegian bike dealer. Its very few F4 around and its not easy to find pictures of one. And even harder to find good pictures, so I used what I found. And then soon after the picture was on the web, Truls Johansen from Norway emailed me, he was the new owner.   Truls had just brought the bike and decided to restore it to its former glory.

And here is the result so far, the F4 have got a new fuel tank, the rear fender and saddle have been rust-welded. Side covers, front fender and lots of other parts have been polished or changed with new ones. The engine runs very well but have got  some new register parts and the valves have been adjusted. The bike have been painted Candy Whine Red.


Next up are frame and brakes, a new exhaust and loots of other parts  are ordered.  Truls intend to use three years working on the bike, everyone needs a hobby. So hopefully we will see some more pictures of his bike in the near future.

 (18.02.08) Latest update from Truls, he have now painted the stripes on tank and plastic parts. He could not got the original parts anymore so he have done this in his garage!!. The brakes are overhauled and the wheels have been repainted. At the moment  he is working with the swing-arm , clutch and different parts. The three pictures at left are the latest ones.


Thanks for the pictures and information!



Added January 2008



Rob Sintnicolaas from Netherlands living in Ontario, Canada. KZ650-C2

At Harbour Bourin 1986 With saddlebags   Ride with Blake    

This is Rob's 1978 C2, he brought it in 1984. As you see his bike have many different looks, Rob says: "I started to make changes right away, like removing the rear fender, and it's been in a constant change ever since.
Currently, she is painted a Candy Apple Blue with Gold Stripe following the stock lines.
She has been rebored one size over, with some porting to let her breath better. A Kerker 4 into 1 helps on the exhaust end.
The clutch is a Cir-Cycle aftermarket. ATK fork brace up front, with Magnum Progressive fork springs, Koni shocks on back.
I'm switching the Ign. over to an electronic ignition from a CSR650. She has had a Dyna in as well over the years, and been back to points for a while.


A Derale Oil Cooler has been on her most of her life, but just came off this Winter.
The brake rotors have been drilled for better wet stopping, and Stainless Steel brake lines added, using DOT 5 brake fluid. The rear M/C is now from an '04 Suzuki GSXR600 as I've added the rersets as well.
The fairing currently on there is a Rickman fairing from the '70s. The chin scoop is from a VF500.
 A braced swingarm is in the works to be put on soon. "

Rob's nice C2 shows that a cared for KZ650 will last for years and can mange all from touring to sport bike.


Thanks for the pictures and information!

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Added Mars 2008



Adam Pearce from UK living in Australia. Z650-B1


This really nice and cared for B1 started life in UK but moved together with its owner Adam, to Australia. Adam have had the bike for 23 good years and have gradually modified his bike.  Her is what Adam have done with his Z, in his own words:


Modifications include:

Z650 B1 motor with an 810 conversion. Black powder coated frame. Candy Apple Red paintwork (re done but original colour) with black and silver pin striping (replacing the original orange and gold). 32mm Mikuni's. Harris exhaust system - black chrome. SR650 front forks with upgraded springs. SR650 front callipers and discs. SR650 cut down front mud guard. Metal braided brake lines. 18" Spanish Acron rims, polished alloy. Heavy duty polished stainless steel spokes. Polished alloy box section Metamachex Swinging arm. Koni Dialaride rear shocks. Home made chain guard. Renthal handle bars. Chrome clock covers & side stand. The seat is a Giulliari 2/4 seat. Polished engine casings. Honda VF1000 master cylinder. Redline heavy duty clutch kit with Z1000 clutch springs .... think that's it!

The bike was originally from the UK but was imported to Australia when I emigrated in 2007.  Unfortunately, to comply with Australian regulations a few things had to be redone i.e. indicators (wider apart), mirrors (had to put some on it!), quieter exhaust system and brake hoses (that needed to have relevant tags) etc.

    Thanks for the pictures and information!    


Added Mars 2008



Mark Wing from USA. KZ650-C


This is Mark Wing's fast & fun KZ650 "streetfighter". It started life as a 1977 KZ650-C1. First picture shows the bike before a big crash in 2003. Second picture shows the bike after the accident and the three last pictures the bike after its rebuilt. A Z650 with upside-down forks and mono-swing-arm are not a common sight, great work Mark!! Here is Mark's own words of what he have done with his bike:


"It has Yoshimura pistons 716 cc Yoshimura cams Yoshimura 29 mm smoothbore carbs and Yoshimura header. It also has electronic ignition, porting with bigger valves from KZ 750. I road whenever the weather was good until an 18 yr. old girl totaled it in 9/03. Rebuilding with new C1 frame, ZX7 forks
18" front wheel with ZX7 brakes GPZ mono-shock swing arm and wider police wheel.
I did all paint work myself and have 5 sets"

    Thanks for the pictures and information!




Added July 2008



Nils Langskjær from Norway Z650SR 1981

This nice SR 650 from 1981 belongs to Nils Langskjær from Norway. He brought the bike on the picture far left and have done a LOT of work to transform it to the beauty in the right pictures. Nice bike!!
    Thanks for the pictures and information!    


Added July 2008



Martijn Grendelman from Holland Z650SR 1979

    Martijn from Holland send this picture of his nice and well running 1979 D2. Martijn is the third owner and the bike have done some 47000 km so far. Except for some minor details the bike is in original shape.
    Thanks for the pictures and information!    



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