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  Z650B1 1976/77

The B1 was first introduce late 1976 and a future classic was born.

The B1 had a dual overhead camshaft engine with 2 valves per cylinder and was rated at 64 hp. Its light weight and good handling made it a hard bike to beat even for the bigger capacity bikes. It was intended to take up the fight with the 750 bikes. And it almost did. Only the strongest 750 bikes (Honda CB and Suzuki GS) was just slightly ahead. Even compared to the Z1 it was just 10miles/hour slower and much easier to drive at top speed.

The B1 can be easily  recon iced by the front brake caliper in front of the fork's and its round front brake master cylinder. The engine is all aluminum color and the engine casing had no ribs.  It was offered in three colors, candy super red,  candy emerald green. and  Candy Emerald Blue. (not quite sure about the blue one)

  Instruments European version Instruments Japanese version  
<The Z650 engine
  < Candy Emerald Green


  < Candy Super Red  
  < Candy Emerald Blue    

Z650B2 B2/A 1978

The B2, look much like the B1, but the new model have some notable changes. Most notable change was moving the front brake caliper behind the forks. This was also done on most all other Kawasaki's in 1978. There was a new triangular master cylinder replacing the previous round one from 1977. The generator cover was new, see picture, and the ignition engine cover slightly different from the B1. But a lot of smaller changes was done, there was a minor updates to parts like the battery case, speedometer cable was modified, fuse assay was new,  there was a new vacuum fuel tap, and a slightly different gearing in the gearbox. The charging system was changed from a three-phase system to a two phase and the regulator and rectifier was now a combined unit. (regulator with cooling ribs) Two colours were offered for 1978, luminous dark blue or luminous burnt red.

The B2/A was much the same as the B2, not sure but its probably a late production B2. There are some minor changes like changed carburetor assy and some changes to carburetor internal parts. And right hand switch gear got (another) lightning switch. You can find the changes in the parts list.

Source: Cycle World.

Z650B2 Ryan Pedersen, Denmark

  < Luminous Dark Blue

Luminous Burnt Red >


Z650B3 1979 & Z650B4 1980

The B3, last of the B series. The easiest way to tell if its an B2 or B3, the B3 had "small" letters in the Kawasaki badges and the B2 had "big" letters like KAWASAKI.  The colors was a return to the one for the B1 model, witch was more popular then the B2 color scheme. This time the red color was described as candy persimmon red.

Some minor changes was also done:  The cam-chain tensioner was modified. New wiring harness. New engine top cover, new square front and rear footrest. The switchgear was slightly different, small changes to the exhaust system etc. Fore more details look in the parts list.

The Z650-B4. The service manual list it. And it have the same specifications as the C4 but with B model wheels and brakes. Its listed as a European only  model.  Anyone???

  Pictures at left, note engine cover from newer bike, and aftermarket rear shock.  
  B1 1976-77
  B1 1977 *   From Cycle world  
  Japanese Z650 brochure  
  German Z650 brochure   Motorrad and Cycle World.  
  Japanese Z650 brochure  
    Z650B1 1977 *  
    Z650B1 1977  

 * /Source: www.kawa-z650.de

  B2 & B3 1977-79
  KZ650- & Z650-B2 1978 *  
  Japanese Z650 brochure  
  Japanese Z650 brochure. BIG pic.  
  Ad from Cycle world 1979  
  Z650B2 1978 *  

* /Source: www.kawa-z650.de

    Serial numbers:        
Model Year Engine no. Frame no. Color
KZ650 B1 1977 KZ650BE000001 - 007860 KZ650B-000001 - 500001 Candy Emerald Green, Candy Super Red 
KZ650 B1* 1977 KZ650BE000101 - 045147 KZ650B000101 - 026990 Candy Emerald Green, Candy Super Red 
KZ650B1* 1977 KZ650BE000101 - 043949 KZ650B500001 - 508015 Candy Emerald Green, Candy Super Red 
KZ650 B2 1978 KZ650BE-046001 - 027501 KZ650B027501 Luminous Dark Blue, Luminous Burnt Red
KZ650 B2* 1978 KZ650BE508016 - 515325 KZ650B027501- 032200 Luminous Dark Blue, Luminous Burnt Red
KZ650 B2/A 1978 KZ650BE046873- /L KZ6500508016- /L Luminous Dark Blue, Luminous Burnt Red
KZ650 B2/A* 1978 KZ650BE061299 - 090685 /L KZ650B033551 - 044828 /L Luminous Dark Blue, Luminous Burnt Red
KZ650 B2/A* 1978 KZ650BE061299 - 092000 /L KZ650B515326 - 523523 /L Luminous Dark Blue, Luminous Burnt Red
KZ650 B3* 1979 KZ650BE092001 KZ650B046201- Candy Emerald Green, Candy Persimmon Red
KZ650B4(E)* 1980 KZ650BE092001 KZ650B523524 -
L Lincoln Factory USA
*/Sorce: a nice to have book called "Motorcycle Identification Guide" by/Joe Holmes and J.Jeffrey Joyal.
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