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The SR, LTD and CSR models


KZ650SR D1 and D1/A 1978

First there was the B model, then the Custom and the in 1978 one of the first Kawasaki Cruisers. It had the same engine, front wheel and the same instruments that the other two bikes, but otherwise the SR was a quite different bike.

The rear wheel was a fat 16 inches one for the right looks. There were no fastback behind the new stepped saddle, both fenders was painted. Chrome was used on the  headlight shell, instruments and chain guard. The exhaust system was shorter dropping the power a couple of ponies, but it had a nice cross over design. The handlebars was a bit raised, there was a new design for the gas tank. Switchgear and brakes come from the C2 model. The colors was Candy Persimmon Red or Midnight Blue.  Probably easiest way to tell if its a 78, are the brake discs witch where not drilled or the KAWASAKI letters witch where all uppercase. Here on right and left side on engine.

A 1978 KZ650 SR D1A model is also listed. Its almost identical to the D1. It seems like the D-model got same update as the B2 and B2A got the same year. As the B2A there is a different carburetor assy and probably the same change of internal parts. The D1A lost its on/off lighting switch at the right switchgear.

  Z650SR 1978 instruments Z650 engine  
  Z650SR 1978 details.  
  Note on the picture above: Left side engine cover have lowercase letters, but brakes and tank badge say 1978 so I guess, the engine cover is from another bike.  
Nice blue D1's. But probably repainted sins the D1 only come in Candy Persimmon Red  

KZ650SR D2 1979

All SR looks the same but there where some modifications over the years. In 1979. The big news now was the new all weather sintered disk pads and braking in the wet was much improved. Easily recognized by the drilled discs. Like all other Kawasaki's in 1979, the SR-D2 got "small" letters in the Kawasaki badges unlike the "big" letters like KAWASAKI used earlier. For other minor changes, see B3. Other changes was like the other Z650 bikes from 1979, a low-fuel warming light, silent cam chain and  automatic cam chain tensioner to mention some. On US models the lightning switch was removed. The colors was Candy Persimmon Red or Midnight Blue as last year. On KZ650SR bikes the power dropped to 60 hp, the Z650SR still had 62.


KZ650SR D3 1980

In 1980 the F model was introduced and the SR got the new parts from that bike. The ignition and stator covers where ribbed. The instruments and brake master cylinder are still looking as the previous model. It kept the kick starter and the engine was still in silver aluminum paint. On the KZ650SR for USA/Canada the power again raised to 62hp.

Two colors this year to: Metallic Regal Blue or Midnight Blue.

  The bike in here, not sure if its a 1980 D3. It have the engine with the new ribbed engine cases first seen on the 650 in 1980. And the instruments are from a 1980 or earlier model. It may be a LTD E1. The color on bike and engine are not original.  

KZ650SR D4 1981

The D4 for 1984 was the last SR model. Like the F2 there was a lot of changes. There was a new instruments cluster. It got the new all metal master cylinder (brake fluid). You got an extra 500 rpm to go on the rev counter. The ignition where now CDI.  Front suspension was air-assisted and at the rear, a couple of new damper with variable damping adjustment. The nice cross over exhaust system was replaced with a conventional one. There where minor changes like new square indicators a chrome grab rail and yes the kick starter  was dropped.

Two colors were available Midnight Blue or Candy Persimmon Red.



Z650LTD (D1 -D2) 1979 -  KZ650LTD (E1) 1980 -

First, I'm not 100% sure if this information is right, but searching my sources this is what it looks like: There where two versions of the Z650 LTD. In 1979 there was a Z650 LTD looking much like the SR. In Japanese web pages the SR where marked "export" so I believe the LTD was for the home marked. The SR and LTD was almost identical, however some small details keep the apart:

The LTD had of course the "LTD" label on the side cover. The LTD was 5 mm longer, 5 mm higher and a whole 2 kilos lighter. But the real difference was the wheels. Up front a Z650 SR had  a 3.50-19 tire and at the rear a 130/90-16 tire. The LTD had  3.25-19 up front and 4.00-18 at the back wheel. So the back wheel is probably the easiest way to identify the bike. This LTD also had the same model name as the SR. It was called Z650 LTD D1 -etc.

E1: Then i 1980 in USA another LTD appeared. This was the E1. Made in USA for the US marked. The engine was de-rated to 60 hp. It had only one front disc compared to the SR's two, to compensate it was a little bigger. At the rear there was a drum brake. It was  based on the first of the F models the F1 witch was quite similar. The ignition and stator covers where ribbed. The instruments are similar to the B and C models,  it got a new all metal master cylinder (brake fluid). It kept the kick starter and the engine was still in silver aluminum paint. Unlike the LTD above the rear wheel 130/90-16. As I know it was only produced in 1980.

  First eight pictures Z650 LTD 1979  
  Next  pictures, the US E1 model.  

KZ650CSR H1 - H3 1981 - 1983

The CSR, the new generation of Kawasaki cruisers. More based on the KZ750LTD/CSR then the KZ650SR. Like the earlier B-models they had wire-spoke wheels, single front disc brake an a drum brake at the rear wheel. Unlike all other KZ650's the fuel tank  had a rounder shape and the saddle much more sculptured. The Front fork where leading axel with the front wheel in front not under the forks.

First out in 1981 was the KZ650CSR -H1: The engine was based upon the E1/F1 modell and it produced 60 Hp.  The tail light lens is round on the bottom and it had conventional carburetors. Both H1 and H2 was available in: Luminous Passion Red, Ebony or Sundance Blue

Then in 1982 the KZ650CSR -H2 arrived: From now on the CSR had the same engine as the F3-model and power was up at 67 Hp. It got new CV Carbs, a clutch upgrade (after JKAKZEH1 CA012600) The chain cover was slightly upgraded, the forks internals was updated. It got new switchgear,  side and rear reflexes changed from H1. And the tail light was rectangular. The rear shock was replaced.

Last out was the KZ650CSR -H3 in 1983: The big updates here was the same engine covers as the Z650F4. And much unlike Kawasaki CSR models, the H3 had forget wheels. Actually the H3 had a lot of minor updates like modified battery/tool case, slightly updated CW carbs. Minor update to cylinder head  & head cover. It got new pistons with 4 rings. Different in frame fittings and updated forks internal and externals, air valves at top of fork. Mid year 83, generator details changed. Small change to starter engine. And the colors: Luminous Passion Red, Ebony

Together with the F4, this was the last KZ or Z650.

  < 8 pictures above 1981 KZ650CSR H1  
  <  4 pictures above 1982 KZ650CSR H2
1983 KZ650CSR H3 >
< 1983 KZ650CSR H3, < Nice 1981 H1 with H3 wheels...probably.

SR 1978-1981

  KZ650SR 1978 *   Z650SR 1978 *  
  Z650SR 1978 from Motorrad  
  KZ650SR 1978 from Cycle World  
  Z650SR 1979 *  
  KZ650SR 1979 from Cycle World  
  Z650SR D3 1980 *  
  Z650SR D4 1981. *  
  Z650SR D4 1981 *  

CSR 1981-1983

  KZ650CSR 1981 from Cycle World  

LTD 1979-1980





  In Germany there was a Z650LTD-Cup for sale in 1979. There were only 200 produced and its quite rare.

The bike is was based on the the Z650B1 with a lot of modifications. There were cast wheels (Ronald), Bigger fuel tank (26 litre), all plastic was new. Three disc brakes. Etc the engine was original.  


* / Source: www.kawa-z650.de


Serial numbers:
Model Year Frame no. Engine no. Color
KZ650 D1 1978 KZ650D-000001- KZ650DE000001- Candy Persimmon Red
KZ650 D1* 1978 KZ650D000001- 003340 KZ650DE000101- 003467 Candy Persimmon Red
KZ650 D1A 1978 KZ650D-003440- - Candy Persimmon Red
KZ650 D1A* 1978 KZ650D003793 - 010292 KZ650DE003781 - 010308 Candy Persimmon Red
KZ650 D2* 1979 KZ650D010601 KZ650DE010601 Midnight Blue, Candy Persimmon Red
KZ650 D3 1980 KZ650D026001- KZ650DE026001 - Metallic Regal Blue, (F) Midnight Blue
KZ650 D4 1981 KZ650D028101 - KZ650DE033101- Sundance Blue, Luminous Wine Red
Z650 D1 (LTD) 1978 - - -
KZ650 E1 1980 KZ650E000001- KZ650DE026001- Candy Persimmon Red, Black Pearl
KZ650 H1 1981 JKAKZEH10BA00001- KZ650DE033101- Luminous Passion Red, Ebony, Sundance Blue
KZ650 H2 1982 JKAKZEH1CA012601- KZ650DE046701- Luminous Passion Red, Ebony, Sundance Blue
KZ650 H3 1983 KAKZEH1DA017301- KZ650DE051401- Luminous Passion Red, Ebony

*/Sorce: a nice to have book called "Motorcycle Identification Guide" by/Joe Holmes and J.Jeffrey Joyal.

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