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KZrider, THE PLACE for all lover of the real bikes, (all Z and KZ models) great forum. Parts list Z650B1 to B3.

Many thanks to Santiago for this file. PDF format.

In Japanese, but very complete about the  B1 and B2 model.
This is well worth a look. Parts list KZ650 F1 1980

This PDF file is borrowed from Nick Appleby's excellent KZ650 site.

Nick have restored a KZ650 F1 to a marvellous condition, see the bike and read the story here.
Really nice Z650-B1 from Denmark Parts list KZ650SR D1 - D2
One of the very best around.
Kawasaki Z650 and computer recycling, great personal site.
Sean and his KZ650 B2A. Take a look Parts list KZ650CSR H1 - H3
      Service manual KZ650 H1, F2 and D4 1981.

Many thanks to Santiago for this file. PDF format.  20mb


Articles etc
Classic-Bike article about the Z650B1, B2 model. In PDF format.              
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