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  On this page you can share your bike with other Kawa fans. The first added pictures are shown first.  If you have a Z or KZ650, standard or modified, any shape, I would like to put it here. /Jarle  



Email May 2005


Ryan Pedersen, from Denmark Z650B2

  Ryan have had his bike on this web site from the beginning.  This is not two different bikes but the same one. Ryan brought a crash damaged F3 and modified his bike quite much. It looks just like the F model. Nice bike, both of them.

Thanks for the pictures and information!



Email May 2005


S. Assink, from the Netherlands Z650F3

  S. Assink from the Netherlands have these "strange" Z650, its a 1983 model. Serial number says F model 1983, the looks say C4 model 1980! Unlike the F models its got a rear disc brake and a colour scheme like the C4. The bike is fitted with a  racing seat as a original factory part. And the colours are original.

If anyone know more about this bike it would be nice to know.

Thanks for the pictures and information!



Email June 2005


James  from Australia  Z650B2


James brought his Z650B2 new in 1977, over the years he have rebuilt it several times. He has upgraded it with more power, better brakes and a look not unlike the Z900. The bike have a GPZ750 bottom end, Zephyr zr750 top end (ten tenth flowed) seat and duck tail, GPZ750R1 cam & air box, 34mm flat slides, GPZ750 swing arm shortened, Brembo BMW K100 trees & 42mm forks, 1978 Z1R1000 discs, z650 drum hub converted to disc, ZX7 rear calliper, 18"x 2.5 front Acront rim, 17" x 3.5 rear, Nichoshine all alloy bar engine, home made indicators. The engine makes 85hp, and dry weight is 191kg.   Really nice bike.

    Thanks for the pictures and information!    


Email October 2006


Philippe from Corsica  Z650SR


Philippe from Corsica is the proud owner of this nice Z650SR. The bike is a 1979 D2

Thanks for the pictures and information!



Email November 2006


Santiago from Buenos Aires, Argentina KZ650LTD

  This KZ650 LTD, a D2 model from 1979 belongs to Santiago from Argentina. Look at the pictures his bike is in showroom condition!!

Thanks for the pictures and information!



Email November 2006


Neil Murray from England Z650B2

  Neil is the owner of this read beauty, he says it need cleaning....

Thanks for the pictures and information!

  big picture              


Email February 2007



Colin Firth from Ontario, Canada KZ650C1 heavily modified

  Colin have here a very nice C1 from 1977. This brother brought it new back then. It may look quite standard but this C1 in far from ordinary! Colin restored it to this excellent state and mad some "few" modifications..... like: Wiseco 810 big-bore kit, milled, ported and polished 650 head, KZ 750 cams, Gpz750 intake valves and springs, Barnett Clutch, Super bike Bars, Mikuni 29 smoothbore carbs, Velocity stacks, Dyna Electronic Ignition and Coils, MAC pipe, 14 tooth drive sprocket, 130 Rear Tire, Sculpted  Seat, Stainless Steel Brake Lines and a reproduction of the Moondust   Silver factory paint. The restoration took over a 1000 hours and the bike have done around 14000 miles (22400km). Colin says: The bike is a sleeper and will outrun bigger bikes. I believe him, great work Colin!!!!

Thanks for the pictures and information!


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