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The C models.


KZ650 C1-C4, 1977-1980


KZ650C1 1977

With the C1the 650 Custom was born. It was based on the B1 with some nice extras like triple disc brakes, seven spoke cast alloy wheels and different paint scheme. It also had an emergency flasher button. The C1 added what the 650 needed most, braking power.

Unlike the B1 the front calipers was behind the forks like the next years B2. Like the B1 the brakes master cylinder  was round, and this is probably the best way to tell it your bike is C1 or C2.

  Moon Dust Silver  
  Metallic Regal Blue  
  C1 1977   C1 1977   C1 1977  

KZ650C2 1978

The C2 followed the C1 in 1978, getting the same improvement as the B2. If you wanted a new C model in 1978, the color choice was easy, metallic stardust silver was the only one.

Compared to the C1 the C2 had new carburettor setting to improve gas mileage and making the C2 to run smoother. The gearbox was updated to improve shifting. (you could only get to neutral gear when the bike was stopped) Major changes was colour, marking, (similar as the silver C1 but other pin stripping)  The brake master cylinder was triangular. There was a diaphragm fuel tap. And needle bearings are used in swing arm

Like The B2, the generator cover was new, see picture, and the ignition engine cover slightly different from the B1/C1. For other changes see B2 section.

    Metallic stardust silver  

KZ650C3 1979

The C3 followed the C2 in 1979. The choose of color was easy this year also, there was only one: Luminous Dark Blue. The big news this year was the new all weather sintered disk pads so braking in the wet was much improved.  Easily recognized by the drilled discs. (Note some model in the pictures doesn't have drilled dishes, have no idea why, maybe early productions or delivered like this in some markets) The callipers was changed to accept the new square sintered pads. The speedometer had both miles and kph markings (in countries using miles as the reading)  Like all other Kawasaki's in 1979, the C3 got "small" letters in the Kawasaki badges unlike the "big" letters like KAWASAKI used earlier. For other minor changes, see B3.


  European Z650 C3 in details.  
Luminous Dark Blue

KZ650C4 1980

The last C, the C4 was on the market in 1980. The C4 was much the same as the previous C3 but it got some of the upgrades from the new F series. The ignition and stator covers where ribbed and it got a plastic cover under the headlight covering the brake lines. You could get it in two colors: Candy Persimmon Red and  Black Pearl. It wasn't sold on every market so there are quite few around.

     Candy Persimmon Red, Black Pearl  
      Serial numbers:  
  C1-C4 1977-1980
C1 1977
    US KZ650C1 77 *  

C2 1978
  European Z650C2 1978 *  
  Z650C2 78 From Motorrad 1979  
  From Motorrad 1978  
    US KZ650C2 78 *  

C3 1979
   KZ650C3 brochure Cycle World 1979  
  Z650C3 79  

* / Source: www.kawa-z650.de





Model Year Engine no. Frame no. Color
KZ650 C1 1977 KZ650BE-017852- KZ650C-000001- Metallic Regal Blue, Moon Dust Silver
KZ650 C1* 1977 KZ650BE-000101 - 043949 KZ650C000001 - 010000 Metallic Regal Blue, Moon Dust Silver
KZ650 C2 1978 KZ650BE-043950- KZ650C010001- Metallic stardust silver
KZ650 C2* 1978 KZ650BE046001 - 091580 KZ650C010001 - 022185 Metallic stardust silver
KZ650 C3* 1979 KZ650BE-092001 KZ650C-022801 Luminous Dark Blue
KZ650 C4 1980 KZ650BE-114501- KZ650C-033032- Candy Persimmon Red, Black Pearl
*/Sorce: a nice to have book called "Motorcycle Identification Guide" by/Joe Holmes and J.Jeffrey Joyal.
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