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Sport touring and touring bikes.

First, how to travel long distances really fast.

Updated 24.12.2004

ZZR1200 ZX1200-C2

  You can have it in three different colours:  
  Pearl Mystic Black   Candy Thunder blue   Moonlight Silver  

Here is what Kawasaki say about it:

The sporting adventurer need look no further than the Kawasaki ZZR1200 sport-touring motorcycle. An ideal vehicle for motorcyclists obsessed with the road, the ZZR1200 is a perfect blend of performance, comfort and style wrapped in a genuine grand-touring package. Originally conceptualized for the European market, the ZZR comes stateside with the best of Kawasaki’s ZRX1200 and NINJA ZX-11 traits. The result is a machine that offers sporty handling, a powerful yet user-friendly engine, comfortable ergonomics and an upscale appearance.

Kawasaki engineers based the ZZR1200’s double-overhead cam 1164cc inline-four engine after the muscular ZRX1200, but modified the ZZR’s 16-valve engine to be a stronger performer in the low- and mid-range sections of the power band. Like the ZRX, the ZZR’s aluminium cylinders utilize chrome composite plating rather than cylinder liners to provide a lightweight package and quick heat transfer. The actual pistons feature reinforced ribs similar to those on the ZX-12R sport bike. Actuating the valves are sintered-tipped rocker arms, which ensure less wear and friction and provide optimum lubrication. Meanwhile, a balanced crank similar to that on the ZRX1200 helps bring out the engine’s torque personality.

Providing efficient fuel flow, the ZZR1200 uses twin fuel pumps that feed four Keihin 40mm downdraft carburettors equipped with the Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC) system. In turn, an alternator produces more output to power the dual fuel pumps, as well as the stylish and functional dual headlights on the ZZR. To keep things cool, the ZZR’s radiator is equipped with two fans, similar to the ZX-12R.

While the ZZR1200’s engine performance crosses boundaries uncharted by other sport touring machines, the same can be said for its chassis. The aluminium perimeter-style frame is reinforced with internal ribbing to withstand mass miles of sport touring over rough backcountry roads. Meanwhile, a steel sub frame accommodates saddlebags available through Kawasaki Accessories or colour-matched luggage offered by Givi.

To give the ZZR1200 the light-handling nature associated with sport-touring bikes, ball bearings are used in the steering head to maintain a light-steering feeling. Also, in the name of agility, the lightweight swing arm is designed relatively low to improve traction and squat characteristics. Kawasaki’s UNI-TRAK? rear suspension employs long linkage rods and a progressive rear shock for an overall smooth ride.

Bringing the 1200 to a stop are dual-piston callipers, which grip 320mm dual-discs in the front, while the rear brake calliper is borrowed from the ZX-12R and the 250mm rotor from the ZRX1200.  To give the ZZR1200 all-day touring capacity, a comfortable riding position was created by moving the handlebars back, and the foot pegs forward and down, in comparison to the ZX-12R sport bike.

  You can have it with luggage:  
  Originally by Givi  
  Originally by Givi  
  Or by Corbin  

  For all lovers of ZZR1100, this is the closest you get today. And a lot of details are very similar....
From the rider’s perspective, an attractive instrument panel displays pertinent information and incorporates a state-of-the-art ZX-12R fuel gauge. Finishing touches include an elegant, contoured fuel tank and sleek-looking twin-beam headlights. Hollow-spoke wheels, a one-piece fender and clear, automotive-style turn signals round out the complete ZZR1200 sport-touring package.  




  You can have it in three different colours:  
  Candy Thunder blue   Galaxy Silver 2   Pearl Mystic Black  

The 2003  ZZR600. Till recently the ZZR600 we know in Europe was named ZX6 in USA, now there is only one name ZZR600. The ZZR600 offers the best of both the sport bike and touring worlds. On one hand, it provides plenty of sport bike performance, but on the other, the ZZR600 offers a comfortable riding position and an affordable price, a practical, all-around motorcycle.
A compact 599cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine similar to the high-performance,  ZX-6R power plant powers the ZZR600. Dual overhead cams actuate four extra-light valves per cylinder, and Kawasaki Straight-Shot ports combine with narrow valve systems to provide free-flowing intake for quick throttle response.

Like its bigger brothers it have: Twin Ram Air Induction system, a digital capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) system, a lightweight aluminium perimeter frame to increase handling performance, extruded-aluminium swing arm, etc.
With all the power associated with a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, a comfortable layout and convenient features, the ZZR600 satisfies a wide range for riders from daily commuters to weekend warriors.

  The ZZR 400  ZX400N9   The ZZR 250 EX250H13 (?)  
  Moonlight Silver   Candy Thunder Blue  
  The ZZR400, compare it with the ZZR600, its exactly the same bike, with 400ccm instead of 600ccm.  
  The 250 and 400 ZZR was found on Kawasaki Japan.  
  Galaxy Silver   Pearl Mystic Black  
  The ZZR250, you can clearly recognise the looks from its bigger brothers. This bike have been around for ages, with only colour changes. There wer no updates for 2003.  

Second, how to travel really a long distance in great comfort.


Concours / GTR 1000


On of the long runner in the Kawasaki rang. It have been around for long over 10 years and are still kicking. Rider and passenger comfort are high priorities on this machine. Note the triple-density foam saddle, which is deeply contoured to comfortably seat both the rider and passenger. A full fairing creates an aerodynamic envelope for two when riding in a relaxed, upright riding position. Air-vent ducts located in the fairing help cool the rider when the mercury rises, and help keep the rider warm in colder climates. A true sport-tourer, the Concours handles twisty backroads as easily as it cruises the highway, thanks to its rigid chassis and 997cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine.


Voyager XII 1200



Long, relaxing days in the saddle are what the Kawasaki Voyager® XII motorcycle was built for. This machine lays claim to all of the features of a luxury tourer,  from its spacious saddlebags and large rear trunk to its massive full fairing with wide windshield and deeply cushioned seat that's good for all-day cruising comfort.


 Passengers also benefit from an equally comfortable seating position, with grab rails, their own floorboards and an adjustable backrest. Truly, the Voyager pampers all of its riders. Additional amenities include adjustable handlebars and electronic cruise control. There's also an AM/FM stereo with auto-reverse cassette player for open-road entertainment. Voyager riders will also enjoy its dual-stage centerstand, which can be easily deployed in parking situations, luggage that can be plucked from the saddlebags and trunk via removable liners, and a lighted vanity mirror in the rear trunk. But the Voyager isn't just about conveniences. It gets its power from an 1196cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine, which boasts a narrow design to help decrease the bike's overall width. The engine is located forward within the high-tensile-steel frame to add to the bike's handling agility and rider comfort. A five-speed transmission handles the engine's broad torque curve with the low gears delivering exceptional acceleration and a true overdrive gear putting the engine into a relaxed pace when cruising at highway speeds. Power is ultimately delivered to the rear wheel by a quiet, reliable low-maintenance shaft drive.   (From Kawasaki.Com)

  PDF files  
  All Touring & sport touring model in USA. PDF File ZZR250 Sales Guide PDF format. ZZR1200 Sales Guide PDF format.  

The 2003 models are divided in six pages:


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