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The Cruisers.

Updated 24.12.2004

Light weight


Eliminator 125 or BN125

    Ebony   Silver   Ebony/Vogue Silver   Candy Persimmon Red/Pearl Cosmic Gray  
  Eliminator 125, or in different markets BN125, the smallest of the cruisers. Its built like its big brothers with a lot of nice details.

EL250V,  VN250eliminator VN250-B4

  Instruments, left.


Pearl Mystic Black
Polar white

Engine details, left.  

AWESOME BIG BIKE LOOKS: This learner legal 250cm' motorcycle has all the size and presence you'd expect of a  much larger capacity motorcycle. The  Eliminator's long wheelbase, unusually wide rear tyre, polished and cast alloy spoke wheels ... and its charm. No-one would believe you if you were to tell them you are riding a 250!  The  chrome megaphone-style exhaust and dragster-style handle bars give the Eliminator a sportier appearance than most cruisers.

Smooth, Controllable Power: The  249cm3 liquid-cooled, 90 degree, V-Twin engine has been specially tuned for  smooth low and mid-range power and torque, which is what you need for cruising and city riding. The  straight-flow exhaust system has been designed to further boost the Eliminator's low and mid-range power. Gear-driven, counter-rotating balancer in the crankcase minimises engine vibration for improved rider comfort. Twin constant velocity Keihin CVKR32carburettors assure sharp throttle response and great fuel economy.

Cruise in Comfort: The  low stepped seat of just 690mm is confidence inspiring, offering both feet-on-the-ground stability for most riders. The  laid-back riding position and wide, thickly padded seat is ultra-comfortable for  both rider and passenger.

Six-Speed Transmission: Six-speed transmission combines great around-town acceleration with  relaxed highway cruising. Kawasaki Positive Neutral Finder makes finding neutral easy at the lights, every time.

Awesome Stopping Power: A  twin-piston calliper front disc brake provide quick, sure stops.  The  disc is drilled for better cooling and reduced unsprung weight

  VN400 Drifter and Classic  
  Engine details.  
  Drifter VN400-D5 Ebony   Classic  

Its difficult to see the difference between the VN400 Drifter/Classic and their bigger brothers. This two bikes made for the Japanese marked are true copies of their bigger brothers. Like the bigger versions they have water cooled engines looking like air cooled ones. The Drifter have the American made Indian motorbikes as their ideal. The Classic looks more like a Harley.






This bike have been around for a while, almost unchanged. It looks like the lot bigger eliminator 900 and 600 many years ago.  Combining the light weight and easy operation  a 250 with the low seat height and comfortable riding position  a cruiser, the EL 252 is easy to operate and fun to ride. The high-revving parallel-twin power unit churns out plenty of torque for out-accelerating city traffic and has plenty of power for the open highway. Eye-catching Eliminator styling and famous Kawasaki reliability make this the perfect lightweight urban cruiser

  Colour: ebony.            


  Middle weight.                  
  EN500Vulcan ,500LTD (US) EN500-C8  
    Pearl Purplish Black Mica  European version   US version  

Kawasaki continues to build the Vulcan® 500 LTD. This entry-level cruiser combines the style, fit and finish, and laid-back riding position of a larger cruiser with a versatile, powerful engine that has just the right amount of torque to inspire confidence in any newly licensed rider.

The Vulcan 500 LTD gets its power from a 498cc parallel-twin, based on the same engine that powers the NINJA® 500R sport bike. Liquid cooling helps this cruiser maintain consistent operating temperatures for longer engine life and sustained power. The engine has also been tuned to deliver power as suited to boulevard cruising as it is to more spirited riding. The six-speed transmission, complete with Kawasaki's exclusive Positive Neutral Finder, allows riders to use the engine to its full potential.

Equally user-friendly is the chassis, the backbone of which is a long, low steel frame that contributes to the 500 LTD's classic cruiser looks. Providing support for a saddle that's just 28 inches from the ground, it puts just about any size rider at ease.

  VN750Vulcan VN750-A19  

Vulcan 750 have been


around sins the late eighties, constantly updating the model have kept it fresh. It is an economically priced, mid-size cruiser. From its torque V-twin engine to its chrome-encrusted bodywork to its low-slung riding position. And, because a barrage of touring accessories are available for the bike via Kawasaki's Fire and Steel line, the versatile Vulcan 750 cruiser even qualifies on the touring circuit.

Powered by a liquid-cooled, double-overhead-cam 749cc V-twin, the Vulcan 750 is powerful and low-maintenance. Hydraulic valve lash adjusters automatically keep the eight-valve cylinders at optimum adjustment, eliminating unwanted valve noise. Liquid cooling increases overall engine durability. A low-maintenance shaft drive conveys power from the five-speed transmission to the beefy 15-inch rear wheel. Air-assisted rear shocks with four clicks of rebound damping adjustment offer a smooth and controlled ride, while dual front discs provide reliable stopping power. 



  Pearl Mystic Black  

The motorcycle enthusiast interested in the cruiser lifestyle faces the daunting task of selecting a brand and model—which isn't an easy decision with so many to choose from. Fortunately, the Kawasaki Vulcan® 800 makes the decision simple with its traditional styling, modern technology and affordable price. With standard features that include a stepped seat, raked-out front end, wire wheels and torque V-twin engine.



  VN800 Drifter  
  Black Pearl Red, US Version.  

At first glance, the Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Drifter motorcycle appears as a cruiser from the late 1940s,


 it looks much like the Indian Chief, but a closer look reveals that the Drifter's retro styling disguises a very modern machine. Sculptured fenders cover much of the spoke wheels and the single fishtail muffler juts prominently out the back - that's what first catches the eye. What lies underneath is a state-of-the-art engine, frame, and chassis equipped with today's technical amenities for conquering the open road.
For comfort, the Drifter's specially contoured solo saddle is nice and low, allowing the rider to comfortably plant both feet on the ground at stops. Wide floorboards allow for a relaxed sitting position, a heel-toe shifter makes changing gears in the five-speed transmission a snap, and self-cancelling turn signals add to rider convenience.
Finally, the generous use of chrome on the engine covers, bullet-shaped headlight shell, fork and shock covers, handlebar and clamp, rear fender rail, and license-plate bracket enhance the custom look.

Upon its introduction in 1999, the Kawasaki Drifter motorcycle's styling was selected for the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design's permanent design collection. Placed on display at the museum's main building in downtown Chicago, it was declared "a work of art that goes beyond transportation. With its neo-retro style and esoteric performance technology, the Drifter embodies the essence of form and function."

  All the Vulcan 800 bikes have a lot in common, all use the same  rubber-mounted, 805cc V-twin engine, the same  36mm Keihin carburettor equipped with an accelerator pump, the five-speed transmission, the single-backbone, double-cradle frame design, at rear a sleek, triangular steel swing arm and hidden Kawasaki UNI-TRAK linkage rear suspension system etc. The difference are mostly cosmetic.  
                All VN800  
  VN800 Classic  VN800-B8  
  Red   Pearl Mystic Black   Metallic Phantom Silver   Pearl Mystic Black  

The VN800 classic surprises many riders who think that cruisers have to be big. Lighter in weight but certainly not in performance the VN800 offers riders a low seat height and excellent handling for a lower price.  The Kawasaki Vulcan® 800 Classic motorcycle is truly the epitome of custom-cruiser attitude – stacked with nostalgic traits, such as deeply valance fenders and a big, fat tire on the spoke front wheel. Chrome covers make the fork down tubes shine and are complemented by a large chromed headlight housing. The tank-mounted speedometer adds extra custom-look appeal, as does the low-stepped seat. Classic styling, combined with modern performance features and affordable pricing, make this V-twin cruiser the leader of the pack on the sales floor.



  Heavy weight.                  
    US version   Oxblood Red/Ebony European version  

Like the 800 Drifter, the Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Drifter have the looks like an good old Indian chief. But there all similarity stops. The 1500 Drifter have digital fuel injection, dual 36mm throttle bodies and a catalytic converter.

In spite of the retro look, the big 1500ccm liquid-cooled V-twin engine provides modern cruiser performance. High compression and aggressive cam timing provide the healthy power output. Each cylinder has a single overhead cam actuating four valves, while each valve has a hydraulic lash adjuster to eliminate maintenance.

The Drifter's fuel tank incorporates an electronic speedometer for a clean, sleek look and includes an LED display for the odometer and trip meter, as well as the clock.

The Drifter's frame uses large-diameter tubing as well as a large-diameter steering head for strength and rigidity. The front fork and horizontal rear shocks provide a comfortable ride and superior handling, and the Drifter's floorboards and wide handlebar provide an easy-going, upright riding position. Other conveniences include self-cancelling turn signals, multi-reflector headlight and a storage compartment beneath the left side cover.

  VN1500 Classic Tourer Fi  
  Luminous Vintage Red/Pearl Luster Bige  
  Combining both comfort and good looks, the 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad Fi V-twin touring cruiser represents the continuing evolution of the company's Vulcan line. The Nomad's elegant styling, comfortable touring package and performance-oriented features such as digital fuel injection demonstrate that this motorcycle is more than just another cruiser.

Since earning "Cruiser of the Year" status from Cruising Rider magazine in 2000, the Nomad Fi has been updated with a larger  fuel tank for greater touring range, an electronic speedometer and a repositioned steering lock.

Helping the Nomad Fi retain its traditional cruiser edge are elements like twin chrome exhaust pipes, chrome engine guards, rider and passenger floorboards, and polished alloy wheels. Equally important, however, are the unit's touring accessories, such as an adjustable windshield, a sculpted seat for one- or two-up long-distance riding, ergonomic controls and adjustable levers. Distinctively streamlined hard saddlebags provide generous storage capacity for those hard-to-resist overnight rides.

A long, low-slung chassis provides this Kawasaki with the classic cruiser look. The Nomad Fi's floorboards are positioned to put the rider and passenger in upright and comfortable positions. The rear brake pedal is designed to make it easier to apply the dual-piston-calliper-equipped brake. Among the unit's other convenient features are an ample five-gallon fuel tank for those high-mileage journeys and self-cancelling turn signals for easier use.

The Nomad Fi's elegant-looking fuel tank is topped by the electronic speedometer, eliminating both the speedo cable and drive unit for a cleaner look. The speedometer face atop the gas tank features an LED display for the odometer and trip meter, as well as a clock.

  VN1500Vulcan classic  

With its traditional styling, technological design, customization potential and affordable price, the Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic motorcycle is a must for anyone looking to get into the heavyweight-cruiser market.


The stylish Vulcan 1500 Classic has been an attention-getter since its 1996 debut. In fact, the 1500 Classic’s sales-floor success helped fuel the project design of the all-new 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic. Still, the original big-bore Classic provides consumers with the opportunity to embrace heavyweight cruisers without over-extending their budget. The classic cruiser look is long and low, which is exactly how the Vulcan 1500 Classic’s chassis is designed. An extra-low seat height, wide handlebar, forward-mounted floorboards and suspension system make the 1500 Classic a comfortable ride down the boulevard or on the highway. The speedometer, fuel gauge and warning lamps are located on a center console on top of the wide fuel tank. A large-diameter, chrome halogen headlight not only illuminates the open road, it gives the Classic a distinctive frontal appearance. In some countries its sold as the Classic FI with fuel injection like the other 1500 Vulcan's.


VN1500 Mean Streak

    Black Pearl. Different stripes on different markets.    
  Metallic Phantom Silver                    

You could call it the most powerful V-twin cruiser Kawasaki's ever built. Or you could call it a down-and-dirty street fighter with a sport bike soul. Whatever you call it, the Vulcan 1500 Mean Streak motorcycle has the most attitude in the Kawasaki cruiser line-up. It was introduced in 2002.

Mean Streak epitomizes the best attributes in this still-emerging market niche, namely, aggressive power, sport bike-like handling, and long, low hot-rod-inspired styling. The Mean Streak draws from its Vulcan 1500 heritage and takes performance one step further with a powerful engine and nimble chassis. The result is a cruiser that is entirely unique within the wide-range of Vulcan motorcycles.

    Metallic Phantom Silver   Red    

The engine is the same as on the other 1500 Vulcan's. but it is tuned to deliver more power. Kawasaki engineers culled additional horsepower from the proven Vulcan 1500 engine by increasing the size of the intake and exhaust valves, redesigning the transmission, cylinder head, camshaft and pistons, and increasing the diameter of the fuel-injection throttle bodies.

The chassis, along with the highly modified engine, also received a serious overhaul to match the power cruiser image. Among the many alterations is reworked frame geometry for increased stability and relatively nimble handling. Sport-oriented additions include an inverted cartridge-style fork, and air-assisted rear shocks with four clicks of rebound damping adjustment. And, the Mean Streak's brakes comprise front rotors grasped by a set of six-piston callipers plucked from the 2001 ZX-9R. It comes standard with radial tires.

At left some Vulcan 1500 wallpapers.  
  As with the Vulcan 800, the 1500 shares a lot of parts. On all except the Mean Streak shares the same 1470ccm engine, with four valves each head actuated by a single overhead cam. The frame are very similar and so is the suspension system. All except the Classic have a Mitsubishi digital fuel injection system. the Classic have 40mm Keihin carburettor with Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC) system etc.    
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The 2003 models are divided in six pages:


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Much of the text are borrowed from Kawasaki.COM

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