The Massey Ferguson 500, series tractors, containing MF550, MF560, MF565, MF575, MF590, MF590T, MF595 and MF592

A Brief History:

In the middle of the 1970's a demand for better cab's for new tractors than the ones on the MF100-1000 series tractors become more and more important. In September 1977 there was a legal requirement for all new tractors to have a cab with noise levels inside not over 90db. 

Massey Ferguson created a totally new tractors series to fulfil this requirement. The MF-500 range introduced on the marked in 1976.

The new MF-500 range utilized remote linkage so all controls were mounted in the cab and not on the tractor body like before. The cab's floor was flat for the first time on a Massey Ferguson tractor. The heating and ventilations system was improved. Other improvements was new hydraulics and PTO drive. The basic drive line was based on the previous MF100 line. The design of the tractor was similar to the older MF1185 - MF1135 tractors. The new "Supercab" are light years ahead of the earlier 100 series.

The new rang was: MF550 replacing the MF148, MF565 replacing the MF165, MF575 replacing the MF168, the MF590 replacing the MF185/188 and the MF595 replacing the MF1080* from 1978 the MF575, MF590 and MF595 become available with 4wd. The rang was in production until 1982.

The Massey Ferguson 595-2, the 595-4 and the 590-4 all 1980 models

*)The MF1085 was introduced on the American marked in 1973 and sold in Europe as the MF595 mark I. the MF595 introduced with the new MF500 range was a updated version named the MF595 mark II.
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The MF-550

The smallest of the new range.  47 hp from a Perkins A3.152S engine. Replacing the MF-148 tractors. Two  versions vas available standard and "premium". Premium had Multi Power, and better equipped cab with windscreen washer, a heater and better seat. A great small and light tractor,. A very good cab,  bullet proof engine low running costs, but only adequate brakes and modest lift capacity.


May 1976: Launched. February 1977: Premium spec cab becomes standard. July 1979: Facelift, two-door cabs, new seat, tinted glass and radial rear tyres. July 1980: Cab red up to the roof. March 1981: New front grille, new lights. February 1982: end of production.

MF550 1977 model with loader MF550 pre July 1979 MF550 pre July 1979 MF550 pre July 1979
MF550 past July 1979 This is a post 1980 model. The last 8 pictures are scanned from Classic Tractor UK. Instrumentation, note the tachometer with anti-clockwise register.
Drum brakes, not the best stopping power in the 500 series. Hydrostatic steering was standard equipment.   A3.152S Engine


Some specifications.

Serial numbers:
Year From To Production
1976 615001 615192 192
1977 615193 616890 1698
1978 616891 619007 2117
1979 619008 619910 903
1980 619911 620530 620
1981 620531 620721 190
1982 620722 620767 46


Engine type: Perkins AD3.152  PTO: 540/1000 r/min  
Cylinder/capacity: 3/2500ccm3 Oil Pump capacity: -
Power output (HP): 47/2250 r/min   Wight: 2083 kg
Torque:  180 Nm/1300 r/min   Tires front: 6.0 x 16 or 6.0 x 19
Gears: 8 x 2 or 12 x 4 Multi Power * Tires rear: 11 x 28 or 11 x 32
Lift capacity 1415kg Top speed: 30km/h with 11 x 32 rears.
  Total production was 5766 tractors  
  Disadvantages with the new design.  

On all models in the MF500 range till mid 1979, there was only one door to the cab, on the left side. This was not always popular. And in the middle of 1979 the second door was introduced. In the middle of 1980 all cabs were painted red up to the roof. And then in 1981 a new grille with integral headlamps was introduced.  (not on all models) Another problem was the complex cab/control layout. It was very expensive to service the tractor. Much of the cab had to be removed for more complex service than before.


The single door system


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  The MF560

The "missing" model pictured at least... Eric Nieuwenhuis from Nederland sent me this picture of the MF560. Must be an rather uncommon model, haven't found information about the MF560 on internet at all. Thanks to Eric for the info and the picture.

The MF560, produced from 1976-82. It had a Perkins AD.4.203 engine producing 56 hp.

  Borrowed from

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The MF-565

The second model in the range. It has a Perkins AD4.236 engine developing 60hp.  Replacing the MF-165  tractor Compared to the MF165 it had a new engine. Actually the MF565 have a derated MF575 engine instead of the MF165's AD4.212 engine.

More information and pictures of the MF565 needed.

A MF-565.  An early 1980 model with the right door, but without the red colour on the cab. An early model without the right door.  


1979 model.  1979 model.  Late MF565 Norway,
Note: on some marked there was a MF- 565F, actually this is a MF-575 with another decal.


Some specifications.

Serial numbers:
Year From To













Engine type: Perkins AD4.236  PTO: 540/1000 r/min  
Cylinder/capacity: 4 / 3867 cm3 Oil Pump capacity: 26,5 l/min  211 kp/cm2  
Power output (HP): 60/2000 r/min   Wight: 2765Kg 2WD
Torque:  231 Nm/1200 r/min   Tires front: 7,50 x 16"/8 2WD
Gears: 8+2 Tires rear: 12 x 36"/6  
Multi Power: 12+4 Top speed: 25Km/h 31Km/h*

Thanks to Daniel Lasén from Finland for the missing information!

Updated 30.04.06

The MF-575

Then next in the range, the Massey Ferguson 575. The MF-575 had a Perkins AD4. 236 engine, similar to the one in the MF-565. But with a slightly bigger power output of 66 hp. It replaced the MF-168 tractor.

The MF575 was the "smallest" of the 500 range you could get with 4x4.

More information and pictures of the MF575 needed.


A early MF-575.  An late MF-575  note the red cab. An early MF-575 model without the right door. A MF-575 working
A 1979 model, an early one before the right door, see next pic. Note the missing door. One of the last MF575, a 1982 model, note the right door and that the cab is painted red all over.
- -
A early MF-575-4wd tractor. And a late MF-575 tractor.    
The one on the picture at right, I am not sure what model, the picture said MF575, it looks smaller. and the cab looks like the on on the bigger MF26XX models.
Norwegian MF575      

From 1978 the MF575, MF590 and MF595 become available with 4wd



Some specifications.

Serial numbers: 2WD 4WD
Year From To























Engine type: Perkins AD4.236  PTO: 540/1000 r/min  
Cylinder/capacity: 4 / 3867 cm3 Oil Pump capacity: 26,5 l/min  211 kp/cm2  
Power output (HP): 66/2000 r/min   Wight: 2824Kg 2WD
Torque:  255 Nm/1250 r/min   Tires front: 7,50 x 18"/8 2WD
Gears: 8+2 Tires rear: 12 x 36"/6  
Multi Power: 12+4 Top speed:  31Km/h*

*)4WD a letter with the serial number

* with Multi Power


Updated 01.05.06

 The MF-590

Then biggest in the ordinary new MF-500 range was the MF-590 (the MF-595 was slightly different)  The MF-590 had a Perkins AD4. 248 engine. It replaced the MF-185/188 tractor. From 1978 it become available with 4WD

A early MF-590, 1978.  An late MF-590, 1982 model and the end of the range.. Same as at left. A MF-590 2WD
One of the first MF-590 4WD. A 4WD An MF-590 advertising. -
Scans from Classic Tractor UK    


Some specifications.

Serial numbers: 2WD 4WD
Year From To























Engine type: Perkins AD4.248  PTO: 540/1000 r/min  
Cylinder/capacity: 4/4060ccm3 Oil Pump capacity: 25,7 l/min  211 kp/cm2  
Power output (HP): 75/2200 r/min   Wight: 3378Kg 
Torque:  275 Nm/1400 r/min   Tires front: 7,50 x 18"/8 2WD
Gears: 8+2 Tires rear: 15 x 34"/8  
Multi Power: 12+4 Top speed:  29.3 Km/h*

*)4WD a letter with the serial number

* with Multi Power



Updated 01.05.06

  The MF-590 Turbo, a nice machine.  

There was a special version of the MF-590 equipped with a turbo charger. the engine was the same as in the ordinary 590. But the power output was 90Hp. It's easy reckoned bye the exhaust system. there was also a little sign telling what was extra-TURBO.

Early model Early model Early model, a nice one. Not the original sign, probably aftermarked turbo. A late 590 turbo with the updated cab and a slightly different grille.
Late model, 1982 Late model, 1982 Late model, 1982 Late model Not a good picture, but the exhaust system clearly shows on this pic.


Updated 01.05.06

The MF-595 

The biggest of the rang and the one most unlike the others. It was powered by a Perkins AD4.318* engine. Same as the MF-1080. And replaced the older MF-1085 . All here are MK-II  (Thanks to Johan Storgårds for the information)

Have found little information about the MF595, there was at least two versions the MK-I and later the MK-II.

Jesper from Denmark emailed me about the Turbo version: " I don't think that the MF 595 ever was delivered with turbo, but a company in Denmark has developed a exhaust manifold with SCAN turbo charger on. The companies name is Daubjerg and lays in Copenhagen." Thanks for the information Jesper.

More information from Finland: The 595 were delivert with a Turbo charger from general agent  Hankkija in Finland. It had 110 hp and was sold as MK-II version. Thanks to Johan Storgårds for the information.

If anyone can provide more information about the MF 595, I would be very happy.

Late model MF-595 MK-II A 1981 MF-595 MF-595 A MF-595 working (small pic)
A really nice one. Note round lights, 1983 says the text on the picture..... 1981 says the text, but this looks like an earlier one. Nice tyres. Norwegian MF595,
From advertising brochure.
MK-I and MK-II Borrowed from Very nice restored MF595 MK-II 1978, Scans from Classic Tractor UK

* )Thanks to Pudding for the correction.



Some specifications.

Serial numbers: 2/4WD
Year From To
1975 E E
1976 W W
1977 G G
1978 H H
1979 Z Z
1980 A A
1981 J J
1982 S S


Engine type: Perkins AD4.318  PTO: 540/1000 r/min  
Cylinder/capacity: 4/5200ccm Oil Pump cap: 25,7 l/min  211 kp/cm2  
Power output (HP): 110/0200 r/min   Wight:  2WD 4100Kg,  4WD 4480kg
Torque:  348 Nm/1300 r/min   Tires front: 2WD 11,00x16/8, 4WD 11,00x28/6 
Gears: 8+2 Tires rear: 14 x 38"/8  
Multi Power: 12+4 Top speed:  32.6 Km/h*

*)4WD a letter with the serial number

* with Multi Power


Added 01.05.06


The MF-592

Another "missing" model, the MF592. One picture found at the two others sales advertisings in Nederland.

  Picture at left, seller says 1980, but it seems older, just one door in the cab. the one at right looks like an early 1980 model with the red cab. Have no info about the MF592, looking at the pictures it looks much like a 595.  
  Don't know a thing about this one, anyone?  My email address can be found at page bottom.  
  The MF-590 at work and some details.  

For more Tractor pulling go to:

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The MF590 pulling heavy loads in this three pictures and the three below, belongs to Markku Raappana  from Finland. Thanks for the pictures.

    A 590 Multi Power
  Some advertising's for the MF500 range. From Finland.  
  All pictures: MF-590          
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  A really special version of the MF-500 range. the MF-543. Every young farmer's dream.

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